Cicero-North Syracuse High School Library Media Center
The Presidents

To begin your search for information on the U.S. President of your choice, click on the link below, scroll down and click on your President. Here you will find all of the specific biographical information listed in item 1 on your assignment. Then scroll down the page to find links to other sites on your President

Internet Public Library's Presidents of the United States

To find additional information on the events of your President's administration click on the link below.

Select Grolier Mutimedia Encyclopedia.

Click on Presidents and First Ladies.

Click on the President of your choice.

Grolier presents the American Presidency

To find out more about a specific event in your President's administration, use the link below to go to Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia.

Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia

You will also find useful information in the print encyclopedias in the library. Ask a librarian for help finding the encyclopedias.

American Society

To find information on what was happening in American society during your President's administration use the books which have been set aside for you and labeled with your teacher's name.

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