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Mr. Peace
My Quia activities and quizzes
Animals / School subjects in French (Métro 1 Chapter 3)
Features on the face - Métro 2 Chapter 3
Les jours de la semaine
Months of the Year in French
Numbers 1-31 in French
Chez moi
Chez moi
Métro Chapter 1
French months of the year
Clothes (Year 8 German)
Die Kleidung
German days of the week and Numbers 1-100
Wie bist du?
ZickZack 2 Chapter 8 Camping
Autoteile und Kennzeichen - (copy)
German months of the year
Mein Nebenjob
ZickZack 1 Colours
Characteristics from ZickZack 3 Chapter 2
Characteristics in ZickZack 2 Chapter 5
ZickZack 1 Breakfast items hangman
Geld und Klamotten (Year 9 German)
Im Modegeschäft (buying clothes)
ZickZack Chapter 9 Vocabulary
Countries in Europe in French
Relative pronouns in German
The Ultimate German Verb Tenses Blitz
German Nationalities Challenge
Places in town in German
Parts of the body (ch. 6)
CoA, Ch. 12 - Notre monde: La planète
Au grand magasin
Shops in French
Les Boutiques et les vêtements
Clothes 2 : Metro 4 module 6 unit 2 Les fringues
Designs & Fabrics for Clothing
Ça me va?
Metro 4 Descriptions
Les Communicationa - CoA,Ch.11
La Maison
Animals / School subjects in French (Métro 1 Chapter 3)
los puestos de trabajo - (copy)
¿Qué hora es?
Reservas y llegadas
parts of the bosy and illness
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