princesschick i am a student:)
anderson middle school e-mail meeeh about anything:)

   Hi you r now at my website for spanish.(duh)
ciena is sitting by meeh makin' herz 2. whats swaheli?? thats wut my teach is trying to teach me.?? not really... im confused..:( by the way... cienas website is (shes stupid though)
Just joking) (shes reallllllyyyyy super nice:)
Ciena cannot type.
Nothing else 2 say....keep going on to my other thingz unless u don't speak a spanish. bye...

U'LL LOVE CIENA'S PERSON ON THE BOTTOM OF HER PAGE(Not really but e-mail her and make her feel special)e-mail meeh 2!!! about eny thing....hi mrs hooker
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