principaltobe Ms.Barnes
Grayson County Middle School prospective principal
This is to be a diary. The diary of a language arts teacher who wishes to become a principal. The teacher is me. This will be the true story of my struggles to be an administrator.

March 09,2000
fourth period- We are doing collaborative work on The Cremation of Sam McGee. David Burden has written on the board I Love Ms.Barnes forever.  I doubt his sincerity. There are no new listings for principals. But that is not today's tragedy. David says that Dennis Rodman has been fired. Now a word from David about his favorite teacher.
I Loves Mrs. Barnes very much and Will does to.
---Now, a word from Will
Mrs. Barnes do I say..?..?.."Special"..yes.."Special"..thats the word..Mrs. Barnes is "Special" ALL of us.  She is also..very..hmm...very...hmm...."Different" she's different.  She's ALWAYS there...whether we want her there or not, she does not leave, she NEVER leaves, we has given us the illusion that she lives here, that she NEVER leaves and that she is constantly thinking of us....there is still a BIG mystery of wether or not she lives at the school or not, but some say yes...while others say no...that is a mystery that may never been know...............
With that word from Will I will close for today.

March 15,2000
Careers class is in progress and some of my students have volunteered to tell the reading public why I would be a good principal. I have no idea what these young people are going to say.

March 15, 2000
   My name is Derek Hengst. I am in Mrs. Barns first period class and I think Mrs. Barns would be the best principal I know.  She is not very strict but she's one of the smartest and brightist teacher's I've had in the past nine years I've been going to Grayson county schools. If she was principle she would teach the children how to respect their elders and treat them right.  She would also care for the children in their times of needs.  She would treat the children like equals and gives them equal opportunities to do what they like and not get into trouble. she is a good teacher and should be chosen as principle soon.  Thanks for listening to my verson of Mrs. Barns quest to be principle.

March 16,2000
A day at the Central Office practicing to be an administrator, I guess. We refined our ESS budgets for the year and worked on next year's budget. We also were told that the middle school must have summer school, but I am able to deal with the change.  At this moment, I am bone-weary and ready to go home, but Sabrina ( a high school student) and I are still working on intersession letters, so we won't be able to go home. Next I have to schedule each individual student for intersession. But I probably won't tackle that until tomorrow.
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