problemoftheweek Mr. Waychoff
Please read and answer the following problem:

1.  Show all work neatly
2.  Explain solution to problem in sentences.

Miniature Golf Fun

Courtney, Megan, Nick, and Owen played two rounds of miniature golf on an 18-hole course. The cashier reminded the kids that in golf, the lowest score wins the game. The group's total score for both rounds of golf was 405.

      In the first round, Megan got 3 "holes in one," 4 holes took her 2 strokes each, 8 holes took her 3 strokes, and the rest took her 4 strokes each.
      In the second round, Megan did even better by 5 strokes.
      Nick was on a steady streak. It took him 3 strokes to make each hole in both rounds!
      Courtney beat Nick in the second round by 5. Her total for both rounds was 113.
      Owen won the first round with 2 fewer strokes than Megan.

What was each person's score (total strokes) in each round and their total score for both rounds?

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