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Use these activities to help practice what we've been learning. From time to time I will require you to complete these activities and to prove it by printing what you've done.

Have fun!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Chapitre 2: étape 3
4 fun games on asking for & giving directions
Les Directions
Put the conversation in order.
Chapitre 3; étape 1
Food/ shops / making purchases
Hangman/ Chapitre 3; étape 3
Extending Good Wishes
Chapitre 8
Challenge Board Chapter 8!
Chapitre 3; étape 3
Asking for & giving advice/ gifts & shops
Conversation à table!
Conversation à table: Order it!
Chapitre 9; étape 1
What happened?
Chapitre 9 étape 1- Les sentiments
Chapitre 9 étape 2; Breaking news/showing interest
Hey, did you hear that....?
Chapitre 9 étape 3: Beginning, continuing, ending a story
First of all, then, and finally.....
Une Conversation: Un malentendu? Ch.10 étape1
She was with Marc?!!
Chapitre 10; étape 2 Jumbled Words
Preparing the party
Chapitre 10; étape 3
I could have, I should have...
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