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Welcome to will's latin grammar website.  Cool Huh.  Whatever.  I chose these colors because the backround is based on my talentshow act.  Cool Huh.  Whatever.   Well, I guess I have to go over the grammar with all you viewers.   Too bad I know nothing about grammar.  So I will ask somone else to tell me what to write.   Here goes.

Perfect Tense:

Perfect tense should be used when you want to talk about accomplished actions that have happened in the past.

There are six endings to perfect tense.  Here goes:

Singular                        Plural

1'st Person: -i 1'st Person: -imus
2'nd Person: -isti 2'nd Person: -istis
3'rd Person: -it 3'rd Person: -erunt

There is, however, a perfect stem.  It is a root in Latin that can end in:
You can find the stem as the third form of the word in a Latin dictionary.


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