proglobal Mr. Semmens
Hopkinton Middle/High School HS Science teacher
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Description: The Pro group supports the notion that global warming is occurring and drastic measures need to be taken on a global scale.  Your group will strongly support global policies that will reduce carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gases throughout the world.

Your group should be divided into four parts: Science, Economics, Political/Social, and Media with 2 persons per part.
Science advisors: mainly research the science behind global warming and the proposed solutions.

Economic advisors: mainly research the economic cost of global warming and the economics behind the proposed solutions.

Political/Social advisors: mainly research the political and social implications behind global warming and what it will take to implement changes and social restructuring.

Media advisors:find out where your group stands and get the word out to the Media group and the public including  news bulletins, opinion articles, posters, video, interviews with the media, and influencing the Delegates. One of the Media advisors will be the coordinator for your group. Your group does have a media budget (see handout).
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