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Cicero-North Syracuse High School Librarian
This page will be used to present pathways to information and resources for the users of the CNS Library Media Center.

Your Library Media Center Activity: This librarian's perspective.

                W.THOWDIS' CLASS

    The library media center activity will be the  gathering of information on seven public policy issues as referenced in the following books in the Information Plus Series on Current Topics):

     Crime, a Serious Problem
     Death and dying, Who Decides?  
     Education, Reflecting Our Society
     Gambling, Crime or Recreation?
     Garbage and other pollution
     Gun Control,Restricting Rights or 
          Protecting People?

     Prisons and Jails,a Deterrent to Crime?

    Students are required to use the titles listed above as  major references for this project.The other publications the students are expected to use and cite for this projects are the following:        

     Opposing Viewpoints Series                    
     Taking Sides Series
     National Issues Forums Series
     Current Controversies Series
     Taking Sides:Calshing Views Controversial
     Issues and Controversies on File

    The ONLINE PUBLIC ACCESS CATALOG (OPAC) can help with locating references. The librarian will help students with locating references using the OPAC.

    Mrs. Thowdis has reserved 2 (35 minutes) periods and
4 (74 minutes) periods for research activity in the library media center.
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