projectmathematician Mrs. Colie
Titusville Middle School 7th grade math teacher
Mathematician Presentation Project

A. Tentative Due Date: NOVEMBER 12TH, 2001

B. Students will pick a Mathematician from history
(with approval) and give a 3-minute verbal
presentation on that mathematician, 5 minutes if you
have a partner.

C. Types of presentations include:

* Verbal report
* Computer presentation (PowerPoint)
* Video
* A skit of some type
* Explanation of a poster
* Other (with approval)

D. Students may work with one partner in their class

E. Students will be expected to research their
mathematician using library and Internet resources.
Some resources can be found at: At the bottom
of the page there are links in the useful link

F. Students will have some in-class time to research in
the library and on the computers, but they will need
to do much of the work on their own time, and they
can also utilize Benson and Pitt libraries as well!

G. Students must have a bibliography page with your 3
sources or more.

H. Students must list what continent and country the
mathematician is from.

I. Students must have some kind of visual aid.

J. No reading, you may use flashcards if needed or memorize it.

K. Grading of the presentation:

* Completion of presentation 30 pts
* At least 3 documented sources 30 pts
* Effort 20 pts
* Country 20 pts
* Continent 20 pts
* Neatness and organization 20 pts
* Visual aid 20 pts
* At least 3 minutes, 20 pts
no more than 6 minutes
* Overall presentation 20 pts

TOTAL 200 pts
Useful links
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