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Before PowerPoint: Research Skills for Low-Intermediate-Level ESL Students

Even low-intermediate-level ESL students arrive in class with a variety of computer skills and experience. This presentation demonstrates Internet research and presentation tools that all students can readily access in a variety of settings from a one-computer/one-printer classroom to a multimedia SmartRoom. See the Student handout for detailed directions. The simplicity of the project allows the teacher to focus on the language, organization and content of the oral and written reports rather than the technology. Depending upon the topics, the project is appropriate for junior high through college level students.

The process begins with students selecting individual or group topics, finding and printing appropriate images from Google Images, researching the topics with a level-appropriate encyclopedia, organizing their reports, writing their reports, practicing their presentations and finally presenting their reports orally. See Reading II Project Outline for the project requirements.

The TESOL 2007 presentation includes discussions of topic selection, using Google Images, writing requirements, resource citation, presentation methods, rubrics for evaluation and examples of student projects.

This research project can also serve as a first introduction to the concept of plagiarism. Internet research provides information that, to students, seems well written. The resultant temptation to copy is abetted by the ease of copying and pasting. While this project asks that students select important points--not write reports, and that they attach their articles to their projects, it is not uncommon to find that some students have copied sentences from their articles. At this point in their educational careers, this copying can be treated as unintentional, but also unacceptable. Class time needs to be spent on helping students write the information they selected in their own words. (See Tom Leverett's discussion in Internet "Plagiarism: an esl/efl learning experience" from the link below.)

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