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*  This page is designed to be part of the "Space   Odyssey" Project.  There are 2 parts to the page:

    1)  ACTIVITIES - The activities for each subject are designed to give you information for your project and practice for the quiz sessions.  Anything marked "Session" is a quiz to be taken on-line.

    2)  USEFUL LINKS - I have included a list of internet sites which will help you complete your project as well as give you information for these activities and session quizzes.

*  You are expected to earn at least an 80% on each of the session quizzes as part of your project.

*  Do the "popup" and "challenge board" activities before you take the session quiz.

*  You may work on this part of the project at home if you have access to the internet.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Planet Trivia
Basic facts about the solar system
U.S. Manned Space Missions
"Firsts" for the US in space
U.S. Astronaut Facts
Famous US astronauts
Facts about planets, missions and astronauts
Solar System: session planet quiz
United States Space Missions: session missions
U.S. Astronauts: session astronauts
Useful links
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