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Welcome to the Pro Page for Games!  Remember to check my website at 38139_Provine for homework assignments and events.  This page is for looking up links and practicing skills through games.

We are finishing up Chapter 2 Our Solar System. There are games and pop up quizzes.  You may begin studying this chapter by taking the quizzes and playing the games that have already been created.  Click on the Quia Home Page icon found at the bottom left of this page.  When in the Quia Directory click on Astronomy in the menu on the left-hand side of the page.  Choose any of the four activities.  Be sure to use the games I have created to accompany our textbook.  Have fun!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Vocab Review
Reading Vocabulary Review
Chapter 1 Review
Chapter 1 Review
Spaced-Out Words
Ch 1 Vocab Review
Solar System Vocab
Solar System Words
Lesson 2M-1 Quiz
Review Nebular Theory
Lesson 2M-2 Quiz
Review Early Astronomers
Lesson 2M-3 Quiz - Part I
Review Inner Planets
Lesson 2M-3 Quiz - Part II
Review Outer Planets
Lesson 2M-3 Quiz Part III
Review other objects in the solar system
Review Planet Facts
Lesson 2M-4 Quiz
Review Rocketry and Space Exploration
Useful links
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