Cherokee High School AP Bio and Genetics teacher
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Membrane review
AP Bio. Membranes. Chapter 5
Gene Expression
Genetics vocabulary
Genetics - DNA
Genetics Exam Challenge Board
Exam Review- Genetics Midterm
APBio. Chapter 3. Purves
Eukaryote and prokaryote cells
AP Bio. Chapter 4 and 26. Purves
protein synthesis
AP Bio . Chapter 4. Purves
bacteria review
Bacterial diseases. Chapter 26. Purves
DNA electrophoresis
Genetics laboratory
Chapter Six vocabulary
Enzyme matching
enzyme vocabulary
Aerobic Respiration
Krebs and ET Chain
DNA vocabulary match
vocabulary practice
DNA Challenge( AP)
Review activity
DNA - Chapter 11 ( Klug)
Genetics Review
Genetics review- chapter 11
Aquatic Ecology- matching
Terrestrial Biome Bash
Biomes- Terrestrial Ecology
Ecology Match(Ecosystems and Communities)
Review for Ecosystem test
Community relationships
Community interactions
Meiosis Mash
Chapter 2 Review( Gen)
Meiosis or Mitosis
Chapter 2( Gen)
Genetic diseases
Review for test- Mendelian diseases
Genetic Diseases
Review for test( trivia )
Non-Mendelian Mambo
Review for Midterm Exam
Midterm Madness Challenge Board
Eukaryote Euphoria
Archaea and Bacteria Review
Three Domains and Introduction to Microbiology
Dawn of Eukarya
Genetics Terminology - Chapter 10
Molecular Biology
Microbiology- Biochemistry
Microbiology Quiz( Environmental and Chemotherapeutic)
The Origin of Seed Plants
Chapter 7 - Multifactorial Traits
Ecology - Test 3
Ecosystems and Communities
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