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Hello students, welcome to the Mt. Tabor High School
Physical Science class page.  You should refer to this page anytime you are in need of classroom and homework assignment clarification.  Special projects and interesting information will appear on this page form time to time, as well as information about your classmates and the school in gereral.  
Those students who are working on projects, don't forget to go to "" for help in perparing your project and final project reports.

Please tell your parents if they want to have a teacher/parent conference to call me before school or just after school.
HOMEWORK Please remember to come to me if you have any questions about our assignments or the material we are covering.
Please don't wait to the last minute to get help. Don't forget I am here at 7:00 am every  morning if you need help and I am also here in the afternoon most days.

Have a good semester!

Mr. "B"
My Quia activities and quizzes
Chapter 1 through 6 review Physical Science
Chapter 1 Exam Physical Science
Chapter 2 Exam - Physical Science
Chapter 3 Exam Physical Science
Chapter - 4 Exam, Physical Science
Physical Science- Elements and The Periodic Table
Chapter 6-A Atoms and Bonding
Atoms and Bonding
Chemical Bonds - (copy)
Chapter 1 through 6 review Physical Science
Chemical Reactions
Chapter 7 Exam, Physical Science
Chapter 7 Exam, Physical Science
Acid/Bases And PH Indicators
Chapter - 8 Exam, Physical Science
Chapter 10 Exam Physical Science
Chapter 10 Exam Physical Science
Chapter 11 Exam Physical Science
EOC-Practice Exam Physical Science
Newton's Laws - (copy)
Chapter - 8/9 Exam, Physical Science
Chapter 12, Physical Science
Chapter- 13 Physical Science
Chapter 15 Physical Science
Chapter 14 Physical Science
Scientific Method Quiz - 2
Chapter - Atomic Structure and Atomic Theory
Physical Science: chapter 5 quiz - (copy)
1st Quarterly Exam Physical Science
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