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Physical Science Honors Week of Jan. 28th through Feb 1st FIRST, a few announcments: For Honors School 1. Remember to pick up donuts and coupons Monday. My husband is picking them up for us and they should be in Mr. Turners room by 1pm. Please give me your money. 2. Please turn in permission slips by FRIDAY. Monday: Lab, on freefall HW: be studying for your test. Tuesday:Review chapter 2 finish any new material, answer questions. Wednesday: TEST DAY Test on Chapter 2 - be sure you have read the chapter, understand all notes, homework, and labs. Thursday:Begin Newtons laws - Lab on Inertia. Chapter 3, 4, and 5. We will work on these chapters over the next week together. Friday: TGIF!!!Newton's 2ndlaw lab. This is a 2 day lab we will continue on Monday. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND !!!!!:):) BIG ANNOUNCMENT: I will be changing my web page from QUIA TO BLACKBOARD. The district has purchased this for teachers to use, and Quia has just gone up again. Please be patient while I learn this new system. It seems great, and more user friendly. Hopefully I will have it up very soon. This web site ends on Feb 4th. There are several good activities and web addresses listed below dealing with motion, speed, and acceleration. Please check them out!!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Nature of Science - Scientific Method - (copy)
Learn About the Scientific Method
Motion Madness - (copy)
Terms for Chapter 2 Motion
Newton's Laws - (copy)
Useful links
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