psych1010 Seth
  Suplimental instruction leader
Welcome to Psychology 1010 SUCCESS' supplemental instruction.  This program is to help you better understand the material covered in class.  Sessions will be held:

Monday     2:30pm   VVT 008
Tuesday    12:30pm  MS 201
Thursday   3:30pm   VVT 008.

You are all welcome to come and participate.

This website will, hopefully, contain review outlines and games that will help you become familiar with some of the terms and ideas that are used in Psychology.  Have fun and study hard!

Monday sessions have been moved from the MVT to the VVT.  Sorry about the inconvenience.  I'll see you all there.

Also, it looks like your first test will be Friday Febuary 2.  I'm going out of town early Thursday and won't be able to do a session that day.  Review sessions will be Monday and Tuesday of that week.
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