Labeling Variables and Groups (Practice Activity)


For each scenario below (A-D), write the following (1-5) in your notebook:
1. Identify the independent variable (IV)
2. Identify the dependent variable (DV)
3. Identify the experimental group (EG)
4. Identify the control group (CG)
5. List several possible confounding variables

(A) A therapist wants to test a new drug designed to increase the ability of teenagers with ADHD to take accurate notes in class.

(B) An industrial psychologist believes that cooling the room temperature may have an impact on productivity of workers on the assembly line.

(C) A biopsychologist wants to know whether exposure to testosterone in adult female rats increases their agressive behavior.

(D) A researcher is interested in how the activity level of 4-year-olds is affected by viewing TV. The researcher shows children a 30-minute video of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or a 30-minute video of Barney.
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