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Students will acquire basic knowledge of technology by utilizing a database and creating a Power Point presentation

Español 3


Los Países Hispanos

Scoring Rubric and Directions


Note: ¡Hola estudiantes de Español 3! The wedding went great. I hope you all enjoyed your vacation. Please be sure everyone sees this page. The rubric is below. Be aware that it may appear different from computer to computer. The placement of numbers may run onto the next line. What’s important is that you understand the 1-4 grading system. Include all the information and you will be looking fine. If you go to the altapedia web page you will find most of the information in the order I describe below. It’s easier than you think. I do not know where we will meet the Monday that we return. I hope to get the cad room. Could one person please see Mr. Shinn and ask if we could use his room that week? I will try to contact him from here. But If I do not, I hope we could all meet there next week. It has more computers and it’s private. I know it’s open for the most part. Whoever asks Mr. Shinn, could they share the information with the class and include that information in your Email Postcard to me. Have fun with the PowerPoint portion.


Objectives: Students will acquire basic knowledge of technology by utilizing a database and creating a Power Point presentation.



Using the target language, students will learn demographical information about a variety of Spanish speaking countries, be able to make an informed decision as to which country they would most want to live in and finally be able to present highlights of their choice country in a variety of formats.




A manufacturing company has promoted you to international affairs. You are to move to a Spanish speaking country for the next five to ten years. You each will choose a Spanish Speaking country which you would want to live in other than the United States. You will fly there and gather/research government, artifacts, food recipes, places of interests, meet people and take pictures of where you are living reflecting on standard of living, public services as well as educational services. You will send email and postcards to your teacher on a regular basis describing your findings. On return, you will present to the group your experience with a PowerPoint Presentation, an artifact, and a sample of the food.



Food item sample                                                                                4     3     2    1    0


Power Point appearance including minimum of 10 pictures with voice/text

                                                                                                             4     3     2    1    0


An Email and post card Due January 4th                                             4     3     2    1    0




Please include the information in the following order.


Capital                                                                                                4     3     2    1    0

Area                                                                                                    4     3     2    1    0

Population                                                                                           4     3     2    1    0

Location (Be Brief)                                                                            4     3     2    1    0

Climate                                                                                               4     3     2    1    0

People                                                                                                 4     3     2    1    0

Density                                                                                               4     3     2    1    0

%Urban                                                                                              4     3     2    1    0

%Rural                                                                                               4     3     2    1    0

Life Expectancy (M)                                                                          4     3     2    1    0

Life Expectancy (F)                                                                           4     3     2    1    0

Birth Rate                                                                                          4     3     2    1    0

Death Rate                                                                                         4     3     2    1    0

Religion                                                                                              4     3     2    1    0

Languages                                                                                          4     3     2    1    0

Education                                                                                            4     3     2    1    0

A Brief description of the Modern History                                      4     3     2    1    0

Currency and conversion                                                                   4     3     2    1    0

Economy (include Gross National Product, Per Capita Income/unemployment)   4     3     2    1    0

Trade                                                                                                  4     3     2    1    0

Products                                                                                              4     3     2    1    0

Industry                                                                                              4     3     2    1    0



Your choice of illustration should compare and contrast to that of home (the United States). You may try using a chart, graph, and spreadsheet. You should include a summary of your feelings about your visit. Have fun with it.


Breakdown of points


The component successfully illustrates

 a comparison to that of the United States                                              4

 using visualization and/or sound in a                                                      3

PowerPoint presentation (Except food sample).


The component uses visualization and/or

sound in a PowerPoint presentation to

illustrate but falls short of fully comparing                                               2

or contrasting to that of the United States./                                            1

or The component successfully illustrates

 a comparison to that of the United States

but falls short of containing a visual or sound.


The component uses no media or expresses                                          0

 no comparison to that of the United States.




Make one folder in your H drive to create the project – Call it “Presentation Esp3+(initials)”


Save your new Power Point “Country name+(initials)” in Esp folder.


Make a Reference document in Word to store your Bibliography. – Call it “Reference+(initials)”


Any pages from which you use information, be sure to copy the link Highlight Address then CONTROL C – go to Word “Reference+(Initials)” and press CONTROL V


Right Click on Pictures, and sounds COPY and PASTE into the “Presentation Esp3+(initials)” folder


Special information:


The following people may choose between the following



Paco – Colombia, Cuba, or Bolivia

Emi – Puerto Rico, Guatemala, or el Uruguay


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