pvwalker Mrs. Walker
Pleasant View Elem. School 5th. grade teacher
Welcome to fifth grade:

My name is Mrs. Walker, and this is going to be a fantastic year!  One way to be a great 5th. grader is to prepare and plan ahead.  You will need the following items to begin your school year:

   1.  Two spiral notebooks to write journal entries
   2.  Colored  pencils for social studies maps and activities      
   3.  One pack of 3x5 notecards
   4.  A 4-pack of mechanical pencils
   5.  An assignment pad (any size is ok)
   6.  Book covers for every book

The following items are optional but tend to be very helpful:

   1.  Six pocket folders to organize different subjects
   2.  Extra pencils and erasers to have in class
   3.  An item to use as an eraser for their individual chalkboar (ex.-old sock, any cloth, small eraser)
   4.  A pencil pouch

Let's be ready for a fun-filled year!
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