Park University EC 315 Quantitative Research Methods
Welcome to Quantitative Research Methods! This site will be used to post information and resources needed for your research project as well as any course information you may need. **************************************************************************** Click here to download a copy of the Research Project information. We will cover this in great detail in class. RESEARCH PROJECT **************************************************************************** Class Notes Click Here **************************************************************************** Click here for a "brief" userguide for SPSS 14.0 SPSS Brief User Guide **************************************************************************** Data Sets BES2001.sav HouseGeneral.sav LogitRegr.sav Maryland.sav Senators.sav SurveyDigits.sav FEARON HOUSEGEN ANES2000 ANES 2000 Codebook ANES2004 ANES2004CODEBOOK **************************************************************************** Homework-Data **************************************************************************** Homework Assignment FUN HOMEWORK SET
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