This site has been developed to support the delivery of Quia Courses to faculty and Quia web use within the Somerset Hills School District.

If you are new to Quia, the first three links will help you get acquainted with Quia.

1. To listen and to brief on-line Quia Tutorial highlighting four key features of Quia, click on the Quia Web Tutorial link below and wait patiently until it loads.

Quia Web Tutorial

2. To view the Overview of Quia, click on the Overview of Quia PPT Pres link below and wait, ... and wait patiently ... and wait ... (it could take a number of minutes to come up ... depending on the speed of your connection!). The file has approximately 60 PowerPoint slides you can scroll through at your own pace. (Save it on your own drive for future use to avoid downloading it again.)

Overview of Quia PPT Pres

3. To go to the Quia's long list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's), click on the Frequently Asked Questions about Quia link below.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Click below for screen samplers and links!

Let Quia Do It For You!

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Quia Makes Learning Fun! Make Quia Work For You!

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Getting Acquainted With Quia
Useful links
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