quiatraining Mr. Curreri
Emerson Dillon Middle School Computer System Operator
This page can be used to post daily assignments, homework hints, or any other information you want to post.

The address for using Quia is http://www.quia.com

You will need to setup your own personal account, but once you do you can link back to it anytime you like.

This page can be updated from by you in school or at home since it is changed directly on the Internet.

The site also allows you to create online games and quizes like...

Java game (matching, concentration, flashcards,
           and/or word    search)
Hangman game
Jumbled words game
Pop-ups game
Challenge board game
Basic quiz
Java quiz  

It's easy to use and with very little effort you can link the pages to you home page here at Phoenix.
Useful links
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