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Welcome to Miss Quinby's Webpage!!!!!

   There will be no more homework for the rest of the school year.  I am sure this announcement brings much joy to my students!!!
   We will be finishing up our final units this week.  We will finish reading our chapter books by E.B. White, do some fun Outdoor Math, and finish our study of the 50 states.  Don't forget to try out this week's puzzler of the week.

   PUZZLERS OF THE WEEK!!!! (E-MAIL Miss Quinby your answer for a treat!)
  1. My nickname is the Equality State because I was the first to let women vote.  I have many fossil fuels as natural resources.  What state am I?

  2. What do you call it when an animal uses color, patterns, or shapes to blend in with one's surroundings?

  3. If Miss Quinby bought 76 pieces of candy and gave 8 students the same amount of candy, how many candies would each student receive?  How many would be left over?

  I have put some new links in below.  Take some time to check them out!!!
  Be sure to check out the two games.....Guess the State and Famous Americans!!!!

June 9- End of the Year Celebration
June 12- Last Day of School for Students
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Economics Hangman
Name those Economic terms!!!
Test your knowledge on Famous Americans!!!
Guess the State
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