Sanford Middle Computer Instructor
Creating a QUIPU

The Quipu is the way the Incans sent messages to each other and kept records over 3,000 years ago.  The quipu was contructed with one string and other strings tied to it.  The sender tied knots in specific patterns that the reciever would understand.

The Quipu that you make for your 9 weeks project can be anything you want it to be.  Anyone can help you. Here are some examples:

A string for each member of your family with one bead for each year old.

A string for each of your friends and thier ages or height.

A string for each of your favorite pastimes and a bead for each hour you spend on it.

A string for each letter of your name and beads to count the place of that letter in the alphabet.

Use your imagination - you can make a quipu count anything you want.  The instructions are in your Quipu kit, but you can use any beads or string you want.  Don't forget to put it on cardboard.

It must have your name, period, and team.
it must have a written explaination.
It must not be toooooooo big.
It will be due the first week in March.
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