quixartist Mrs. Mozafari
Bay View Elementary Artist/Teacher
Artful Greetings to Bay View's creative children!

Kindergarten and First Grade classes are finishing holiday sponge paintings of trees in snow (wishful thinking!).  Second grade classes are making a special gift in clay, painted with wild, bold, beautiful colors.  Third grade students are working on watercolor paintings of buildings using achitectural details such as post and lintel door construction.  Beautiful, reflective transparent pictures by the third grades are on display in the hall.  These pictures were made on transparency plastic using non-toxic permanent markers.  We created frames, added a white backing.  Some students added irridescent plastic or crushed foil under the transparency to increase the reflectiveness.  Fifth grade classes have large portraits on display.  Students paid close attention to  facial proportions and color mixing.  The figures are holding an object or animal, and each picture has supporting details in the background.  These pictures have ellicited many positive complements!
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