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We are doing our project on hate crimes in the 1920's.Upon researching this project we found many interesting facts here are some that we thought were very interesting:

1) The Ku Klux Klan was found in the mid 1860's

2) The klan started as a social club but once they found out that people feared them such as blacks they immediatly took advantage.

3) There victims were blacks, Catholics, Jews, Protestants, liberals, radicals and immigrants

4) The klans slogan was " Native, white, Protestant supremacy."

5)The KKK was founded in Pulaski, Tennessee.

6) They took their name from the Greek word " Kuklos," or

7) The Tulsa race riot took place in Tulsa Oklahoma in 1921.

8) The rumor that started the Tulsa race riot was that a black male was to be lynched.

9) All together 36 people died.

10) The Larks that the KKK wore were taken seriously by the negros.  This is why the klan became an orgainzation for intimidating and controlling the newly freed black man.

11) By 1919 some 25 race riots had erupted around the counrty.
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race crimes in the 1920's
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