rachelsusie LADY SLIPPER
common name: Lady Slipper

Family: Orchids

Genus&Speicies: cypripedium

Family Charcteristics: Look for white and pink slipper like lined petal ;and white sepals. They are covered by hairs that contain fatty acids that cause blistering similer to that caused by poison ivy leaves.  The leaves are broad and pleated, the flowers are often large, and showy, and are charactorized by the formation of the lower petal into an elongated pouch. Like a lip, said to resemble a slipper on mocasin. The leaves are surrondedby the stem at their bases state:its Minnesotas state flower.  These Ladys Slipper will produce waxy 3-5 inch blooms with large petal like sepals at the backs of the flowers.  It is a rare plant.  It is thought to be one of the most beautiful flowers in America.  The Lady slipper must have acid, very leafy, well drained soil, shade, and a cool position, where there is no chance of it dring out; and its resentful roots will not be disturbed. The way you can tell if it is happy is it will spreads into clumps, its fresh green leaves absorbed with large white flowers with rose pink babella and borene singly  on 20 in. tall stems, they bloom in early Summer.  The spreading horizontal peatals  are frequently hairy and pumpy . The flower's lower petal is a pouch that resembles a slipper . they are  frequently green or brown , but the other colors including white and red.  

Identifing Traits of the Species: The usal light laws that  govern or child culture , and make it possible for  gardeners with modest lighting arrangements to enjoy these exotic flowers.  They are found in American woodlands.  

Average plant size: 1-3 feet tall

Type of flower & fruit: The flower is in the shape of a ladys slipper.  No fruit!!!!!!!!

Season in which they  plant flowers:Early Summer     

Special importance to man or animal:If it is touched you can get a rash or cause blistering.
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