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Mayde Creek High School US History and Soc
Welcome to US History in room T-102 with Mrs. Rack!

We will be testing on Chap.4-The Gilded Age-this Friday.  Remember to bring your textbooks as it will be an open-book test.  Next week, 10/16, we begin on Chapter 5-The Progressives....We will get all the way to the Jazz Age this semester, so hang on tight!

Remember your fall project, The Amendment Poster, is due 11/17.  That is the Friday before Thanksgiving break.  Refer to your instruction page for further details.

Don't forget that all assignments are posted on the calendar in my room.  It is your responsiblity to keep up and if you are absent, check what you missed, and do it!

I urge all of you to tune in to the 2nd presidential debate on Wed 10/11 at 8pm.  This will provide important information that we will discuss in class and will help you make an educated decision about Project Vote.

Spring scheduling is right around the corner.  Remember to consider Soc/Psyc as an elective.  These count as a social studies elective and can be taken separately, simultaniously, or consecutively.  Mr. Steve Przepolewski is the psych teacher in room T108.
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