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On this page you will find information concerning what we have done and what is upcoming for our class.

REMINDER: Our next Exam will be on Thursday, August 2nd!!

7-26-01 We went over the crosswords for Lección 4. We also did a quick review of stem-change verbs and the present progressive. I handed out the practice exercises for Lección 5 and another handout with some practice for the Final. In Lección 6, we went over the weather on P.143, reflexive verbs & pronouns on pages 148 and 149, and we also went over the uses for ser and estar on P.159.

7-24-01 I gave out the crossword puzzles for the final lessons.(4, 5, and 6) The ones for lesson 4 are due on Thursday(7-26). The ones for lessons 5 and 6 are due on Tuesday.(7-31) In class, we reviewed stem-change verbs and the present progressive. We also learned the demonstrative adjectives on page 128. I gave out the practice exercises for Lección 5 and I also gave out a sample sheet for the final exam.

7-19-01 We went over the new family members vocabulary on page 98. We also learned how to conjugate stem-change verbs on pages 101 and 126. We also looked at the conjugations for tener and venir on page 102. We learned a new verb, estar on page 105. We looked at the expressions with tener on page 106. Finally, we learned how to form the present progressive on page 109.

7-17-01 We took Exam 2.

7-12-01 We went over the 4 crosswords for Lección 2 and 3. I checked these at the beginning of class. We practiced the reading on page 45 also. We finished up by going over the grammar items for Lección 3.

7-10-01 I gave out crosswords and practice exercises for Lección 3. We also practiced the reading on page 45. We also finished covering the grammar for Lección 2. We finished by having a cultural lesson on Spanish artists.

7-05-01 We went over the reading on P. 45 and studied possessive adjectives on P.56 & 57. We also covered regular -er and -ir ending verbs on P.61. We also learned the irregular verbs tener(p.55,56) and hacer(p.61). I gave out a handout on the Spanish /r/, 2 crosswords for Lección 2 vocabulary, and practice exercises for Lección 2.

6-28-01 For those who took Exam 1, I allowed them to see their scores for the exam and also to look over it. I will return them to keep next Thursday. We also began Lección 2. We covered the basic family members on pages 46 and 47, the numbers 30-99 on page 47, colors on page 48, and rules for Spanish adjectives on page 51. Also, we went over the reading on page 45. All students will be expected to read a portion of this in Spanish on Exam 2. The final item was my giving out the handout for the online activity to do since we will not have class on Tuesday, July 3rd. Call or E-mail me about this if you have any questions.

6-26-01 We took Exam #1

6-21-01 We took the quiz on the capitals of Spanish-speaking countries and finished Lección 1. The exam for next Tuesday(6-26) will still take place that night, but I have shortened the study guide for it. We will not be tested over any material from Lección 2 on this exam. We will begin Lección 2 next Thursday, and the material will be covered on our next exam.

6-19-01 We went over the crossword puzzles for the numbers and capitals. We finished the Lección Preliminar and began Lección 1. We covered up to Page 27. I also handed out some practice exercises covering the material for the Lección Preliminar.

6-14-01 We finished covering the Spanish alphabet and read through the dialogue on Page 3. We looked at the vocaulary list for the Lección Preliminar on Pages 18 and 19. We also went over basic greetings, goodbyes, and the numbers 0-30. I gave out the Números and Países Hispanohablantes Crossword Puzzles as well.

6-12-01 First night of Class!! We went over the syllabus for the class and learned the capitals of Spanish-speaking countries. I also began teaching the sounds of the Spanish alphabet, but we ran out of time. All students should have their textbooks by Thursday's class. The workbooks are NOT required for this course, but you may buy one if you wish.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Lección Preliminar
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El verbo "ser"
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Días, Meses, y Números
Days, Months, & Numbers
Countries and Capitals - (copy)
Do you know the capitals?
Spanish numbers - (copy)
Practice the numbers!!(up to 100)
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