It began this morning before you got out of bed.  You could hear the pelting against parts of the roof and against your window.  A glance toward the outside confirmed what you already knew.  Today is going to be a very wet day.

Your mind is recalling what you may have left outside previous day.  Did the dog find shelter?  Are the windows of the car rolled up? 

Walking down the hallway seems even colder this morning.  The water in the sink or shower feels good as it warms to the touch.  Was that a rumble of thunder in the distance?

Something warm for breakfast sounds good.  Is there hot chocolate?  Will you slip some of your parent’s coffee in your cup?  What is that in the toaster?

You could probably get a ride this morning, but for some reason, you decide to walk. 

The newspaper in the driveway is in its plastic sleeve.  Even so … it will get wet if you don’t get it inside.  Spots of oil create miniature rainbows in the street and on the sidewalk.  Earthworms lounge on the cement and are destined to die by trauma.  Snails have forgotten to hide for the day.

Tires sizzle past as passengers hide behind fogged glass.  Carlights ignore the daylight hour.  Elementary children explode the deepest puddles they can find with boots that would normally keep feet dry.

Streams have claimed each side of the street next to the curbs carrying leaves, sticks, cigarette butts and candy wrappers.  Rectangle mouths with iron teeth gulp small rivers flowing toward street corners.

Dogs have become large sewer rats.  Droplets filter through hair now extended over foreheads of both girls and boys past their nose.  You sample the taste as the moisture meanders past your nose and over your lip.

The sound of school is a bit more muffled today and the path you normally walk is altered in lieu of overhangs offering a drier path.
The classroom carpet reveals new smells.  With your pants and shoes still wet, you stick in your seat as you turn to get comfortable.  Will your jacket be dry in time for you to go to your next class?  Will your backpack protect that assignment you worked so hard on last night?  Are you going to be able to avoid getting a cold today?  Will some teachers have mercy and open their rooms at lunch?  Will you need a ride home after school? 

You’re now going to be writing about rain.

It may be a freewrite with random thoughts.  Some of you will recall a favorite rain story.  One of you will write a poem.  We may be surprised by a love poem focused on the rain.

We will now listen to the sounds of rain and be proud that what we write is unlike anyone else’s today. 
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