Destinos I
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You can use these exercises as practice for this telecourse.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Articles (the)
Adjetivos: Adjective learning exercise.
Descriptive adjectives
Los PaĆ­ses y las capitales
Countries and their capitals
Subject and verb agreement.
Subject and verb agreement
Opposite adjectives: Los adjetivos opuestos.
This is kind of hard but give it a shot;)
Conjugating Regular Verbs.
(ar; er; ir; verbs and ser)
subject pronouns
subject pronouns
La familia: the family
vocabulary about family
Review Test #1 (password = 1des1)
Review Test 1 destinos 121
Review Test #2 (121)
Review for Test 2 (121)
Review Test 1 (122)
Review Test #1 (122)
Review Test 2 (122)
Review Test #2 (122)
Review Test #3 (121)
Review Test #3 (episodio 5 & 6)
Ser v. Estar
Review Ser v. Estar
Review Test #4 (episodios 7 & 8)
Review Test #4 (espisodios 7 & 8)
La Ropa: Choose the best answer.
Test your knowledge of clothes
121 DESTINOS TELECOURSE EXAM 3: session 1yyy3
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