ralph14 Ralph or Frannie
Chippewa Middle School this will only be my web adress for a while so watch for weekly updates
 you must either be Jaimie, Kristen or Kelley becuase not many people will ever know about this (I think).
  some stuff all of you reading will think i am a stuid person but...
-hi every one Jaimie says the smily faces are going to take over the world but don't belive her
-The world didn't blow up! Jamie i was all perpared
- If any of you read some thing on Jaimie web page about me IT IS NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Happy 2000

please e-mail me for changes i should make on this very different web page!!!!!!! (and when you come on I know that your birthdays might be on the calendar but e-mail me and tell me what your favrite two colors are and for the week of your b-day it will be those back grounds. I know it is a stuip idea but i want to so there!
 I have to get together with anyone of my friends so they can help me get together some games! so call me (when i get my vocie back)and we can make plans.

3726643568376288-(not) this will mean nothing to any one who reads it but Jaimie, i think knows! And now it means nothing what so ever.

      p.s. Jaimie thank you for showing me how to change the setting on this and sence i know your password......well?
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