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Student Reminders:
11/8 - Test: Unit 4 Vocab./Intro. to the Odyssey
11/13 - Odyssey sheets will be checked
11/13 - Unit 5 Vocab. sheet completed
11/16 - Unit 5 Vocab. Quiz
11/17 - Odyssey Quiz
12/6 - Test on the Odyssey
12/8 - Odyssey Art Project Due
12/13-12/15 - Exams

Homework Assignment:
    1. Pick a Greek god and research him/her on the Internet.  Write one paragraph about that god.  Make sure you tell us any important information you find.  You must turn in the web site to which you found your information.
DUE 11/14

Extra Credit: If you need extra credit to help your grade, complete one of the two options below and turn it in on the assigned date.
Option #1
Exploring Greece:  Research the Greek culture using books or the internet.  Find information about food, transportation, housing, clothing, and Greek landmarks.  Create a collage using pictures of all of the above mentioned.  Due:  Monday, November 27

Option #2
And Now -- the Movie:  Write a proposal suggesting ways for the Odyssey to be made into a movie that's set in the present.  Imagine that the readers of the proposal will be the producers of the movie.  Explain how you would modernize the epic. Due:  Monday, November 27

Elements of Literature Book:
The Odyssey pg.888
Stories to be covered:
1. Tell the Story pg.890
2. Calypso pg.891
3. "I Am Laertes' Son..." pg.895
4. The Lotus Eaters pg.898
5. The Cyclops pg.899
6. The Witch Circe pg.911
7. The Meeting of Father and Son pg.929
8. The Test of the Great Bow pg. 936
9. Death at the Palace pg. 941
10. Odysseus and Penelope pg.944

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