rammstein Kelly
Hey Everyone!

This is a little page I threw together about a band I like  

called......Rammstein! There German so unfortunelty they

sing in German. If you ever download one of there songs

you might not know what there saying so I recommend you

look at the english translations of there songs on there

website.There a pretty good group even though

the lead singer does some pretty obscene things...LOL(Lindsay)! Some

of my favorite songs by them are Spiel Mit Mir,Du Hast,

Wilder Wein,Sehnsucht,and Du Reichst So Gut. All of there

songs are really good though. My favorite member of the

group is Christoph Schneider and he's the drummer.

Here's a little info on each of the guys:

Till Lindemann: Vocals  
Born: January 4, 1963  
Former Profession: European Champion in Swimming  
Former Group: First Arsch

Richard Kruspe-Bernstein: Guitar  
Born:  June 24, 1967  
Former Profession: Salesman  
Former Group: Orgasm Death Gimmick

Christoph Schneider: Drums  
Born: May 11, 1966  
Former Profession: Telecommunications
Former Group: Die Firma

Oliver Riedel: Bass  
Born:  April 11, 1971  
Former Profession: Stukateur  
Former Group: The Inchtabokatables

Paul Landers: Guitar  
Born:  December 9, 1964  
Former Profession: Steamer at a Bibliothek  
Former Group: Feeling B. and Die Firma

Christian "Flake" Lorenz: Keyboards  
Born:  November 6, 1966  
Former Profession: Learned Toolmaker  
Former Group: Feeling B

Here's a little story on the history of the band.

Rammstein is a band from East Germany.  They formed in 1994

and got their name from a town, Ramstein,  where during an

airshow there was a terrible crash and many lives were

lost.  Out of respect for the tragedy the band added an

extra "M" to their name.  The word Rammstein translated into

English means "Ramming Stone".  Their music is described as

Dance Metal by the group.  It is filled with a driving

force and a techno beat.

That's all for now. I'll try to add a little more to it

later on in the week!

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