Mrs. DeWitt 2017-2018
Mt. Sinai Elementary School


First Grader's Are #1!

Dear Boys and Girls,

WOW!!! I can't believe June is here!!!!! It has been such a wonderful school year which is why it went by so fast. You have all grown and learned so much. I am so proud of each and every one of you and your accomplishments this school year!

We are almost finished with all of our workbooks and anthologies. We are reading our last stories in our anthology and will begin our last math chapter all about shapes and telling time. In science we are continuing to learn about planting seeds. In social studies, we will continue to discuss the rainforest and the history of our flag.

Please continue to practice reading your take-home books and sight words that are in your reading boxes at home. You will see new games at the bottom of our web page for your new spelling and sight word lists each week.

You are continuing to be great bucket fillers, and not being bucket dippers, in our classroom. Remember that you can always put a lid on your bucket when you are around bucket dippers. Keep up the great work!!

Happy Summer!!!


Mrs. DeWitt


June 8th - End of the Year Celebration at 12:00 in the Courtyard

June 14th - Flag Day ~ Wear Red, White, and Blue

AND Benner’s Farm Field Trip @ 12:30

June 22nd - Half Day of School & Last Day!

My Quia activities and quizzes
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Sight Words ~ What is a Pal
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Sight Words ~ Curious George at School
1. Spelling Words ~ Curious George at School
Sight Words ~ Lucia's Neighborhood
2. Spelling Words ~ Lucia's Neighborhood
Sight Words ~ Gus Takes the Train
3. Spelling Words ~ Gus Takes the Train
Sight Words ~ Jack and the Wolf
5. Spelling Words ~ Jack and the Wolf
4. Spelling Words ~ Unit 1 Review
Sight Words ~ How Animals Communicate
6. Spelling Words ~ How Animals Communicate
Sight Words ~ A Musical Day
7. Spelling Words ~ A Musical Day
Sight Words ~ Dr. Seuss
8. Spelling Words ~ Dr. Seuss
Sight Words ~ A Cupcake Party
9. Spelling Words ~ A Cupcake PArty
10. Spelling Words Unit 2 Review
Sight Words ~ At Home in the Ocean
11. Spelling Words ~ At Home in the Ocean
Sight Words ~ How Leopard Got His Spots
12. Spelling Words~ How Leopard Got His Spots
Sight Words ~ Seasons
13. Spelling Words ~ Seasons
Sight Words ~ The Big Race
14. Spelling Words ~ The Big Race
Sight Words ~ Animal Groups
15. Spelling Words ~ Animal Groups
Sight Words ~ Let's Go to the Moon
16. Spelling Words ~ Let's Go to the Moon
Spelling Unit 3 Review
Sight Words ~ The Big Trip
17. Spelling Words ~ The Big Trip
Sight Words ~ Where Does Food Come From
18. Spelling Words ~ Where Does Food Come From
Sight Words ~ Tomas Rivera
19. Spelling Words ~ Tomas Rivera
Sight Words ~ Little Rabbits Tale
20. Spelling Words ~ Little Rabbits Tale
Sight Words ~ The Garden
21. Spelling Words ~ The Garden
Sight Words ~ Amazing Animals
22. Spelling Words ~ Amazing Animals
Sight Words ~ Whistle for Willie
23. Spelling Words ~ Whistle for Willie
Sight Words ~ A Tree is a Plant
24. Spelling Words ~ A Tree is a Plant
Sight Words ~ The New Friend
25. Spelling Words ~ The New Friend
Unit 5 Review Spelling Words
Sight Words ~ The Dot
26. Spelling Words ~ The Dot
Sight Words ~ What Can You Do?
27. Spelling Words ~ What Can You Do?
Sight Words ~ The Kite - Frog & Toad
28. Spelling Words ~ The Kite- Frog & Toad
Sight Words ~ Fly Guy
29. Spelling Words ~ Fly Guy
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