Mrs. DeWitt 2017-2018
Mt. Sinai Elementary School


First Grader's Are #1!

Dear Boys and Girls,

I can't believe how fast our school year is going. March went by so quickly. You did a fantastic job learning about the important women in honor of Women’s History Month. I enjoyed reading your Famous Women projects. You all did a great job! I hope you had fun learning about and celebrating Saint Patrick's Day. Remember to keep your teeth healthy by brushing and flossing at least twice a day. Eating healthy and crunchy food is good for your teeth as well. Remember to stay away from too many sugary treats!

In April we will discuss the changes in seasons as we move into spring weather. We will also discuss the importance of taking care of our planet Earth. In math we will begin a new math chapter all about place value. We will begin to read stories in our fifth anthology.

Please remember to practice reading your sight word cards and take-home readers every day. Please keep the sight word cards and take-home readers in your wonderful reading boxes.

Keep reading in your BEAR folders. You are doing a great job! Make sure that you return your BEAR folders every Monday.

Remember, this website can be accessed throughout the school year. I will continue to add new sight and spelling word games once a week. You will also see some fun and educational websites listed below.

Happy Spring!!!


Mrs. DeWitt


April 2nd-6th – Spring Break

April 22nd - Earth Day

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