randtatces Ms. Roberson
Crossroads Elementary First Grade
Welcome to the web page for Ms. Roberson and Ms. Terry's first grade class! We are so excited to have the opportunity to present information to you in this manner.

We hope that you will visit often. We am not sure how often we will be able to update information. Hopefully, it will be weekly.

Week of April 10-14
We have finished our T-Cap tests. There are, however, still some students who are doing make up tests.

Our studies continue on India. Today (April 12) we began to gather our information so that we can create a book on India when our studies are finished. We colored a picture of the Taj Mahal. Our journal writing for the day was the answer to the question: Would I like to live in India? The answers were wonderful!

We now have 7 tadpoles and one baby frog in our classroom. The children were very excited to view them! We can't wait for the tadpoles to make their transformation.
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