randythomas Stacey
Thomas Worthington  
              Randy Thomas a True Hero

My hero is Randy Thomas, because he saved 32 people in the last two years. He cares deeply about what he does for a living. He is in the Army and Navy. Next he would like to join the Armed Forces. It makes him feel good when he saves people. He once told me, "if saving people makes you feel good, heck, go for it and save those people." He joined the Army before he turned 17 years old. He’s a true hero to me.
Randy is my Uncle who I’m not ashamed to talk about. He tries his hardest in life. He has a wife and three kids. His wife Jenny, Jake is fifteen, Joey is eleven and Katie is seven. He tries very hard to make his family a top priority, but he travels a lot and is not allowed to have his family travel with him. So, he joined the Army that requires them to go two weeks a year. That way he could still have time to spend time with his family, and  be involved with his favorite things at the same time.
My uncle Randy is a hero because he does many things that make people respect him. He doesn’t do things to ruin himself. He knows people look up to him,  like his kids. He tries his hardest to make his kids happy and to help them all that he can. I think he has an interesting life, which is very busy. Yet he’s always happy to be in the Army and the Navy. His life makes me want to be just like him, because he is not afraid to do anything to help anyone.
My uncle Randy is very special in many ways. He has many people that look up to him. Plus, he doesn’t do things to make people mad or upset at him. He is also someone that you can sit down with and have a great and relaxing conversation. I usually can’t talk to people but he makes me feel relaxed. I also like that he takes the time to make sure that everyone’s okay. I call him my hero.
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