rankinsclasses Mrs. Rankin
St. Laurence Catholic School  
This is for the weeks of March 5th-19th. 

6th graders will be reading their biographies. For those of you who have not yet gotten a book,the time has been extended until March 7th. We will also be reviewing general material for the SAT tests.  We will also be starting a short story unit in class.  We will be reading and listening to selections from the text book, as well as explore terminology and the short story diagram.

7th graders will be now reading something they have selected and I have approved for a "Who I Am" reading appreciation unit. They will have 3 days to select a book of at least 150 pages that interests them and helps them become more self aware.  They will have a short period of time each day to read in class and will have a written assignment and presentation review required. Specific requirements will be covered in class. SAT review will also take place for a short period of time each day for the next two weeks.

8th graders did a wonderful job with Romeo and Juliet.  I look forward to their projects due on MArch 5th. Next we will be reading and studying the Holocaust with Diary of Ann Frank.  We will be integrating 3 subjects (Social Studies, Religion and Literature)with the Holocaust.  Literature will get a chance to really seee the survival tactics of a girl and her family under the most terrible conditions. We will culminate the unit with the movie of Ann Frank.

As always... thanks for your support and understanding.
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