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How to do Razor tricks.

An Ollie: Pick up speed, Jump, and pull the razor with you and land.

A front pop-o-wheelie:  Pick up speed, and pull up on the handle and until the front wheel is up and land.

A back pop-o-wheelie: Pick up speed, act as though you were to do an ollie, (practically do one) but when you barelly have you wheels up lean foward, and land.

A DJ spin: Pick up speed and jump, twist your feet right and land on the scooter.

A Adam twist: Pick up speed do a ollie, and while you are still in the air do a dj spin, and land.

A handle bar 180: Pick up speed, do an front wheel pop-o-wheeli and while you are still in the air rotate your handle bars half way around, and land.
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