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Manassas Park Middle School  
Read this article and answer the following questions.

  Jonathan and his new freind Sanjeev considered themselves computer experts.  Their idea of a good time was talking about new software or upgrading their computer equipment.  Both boys were proud of their abilities and knack for understanding all there was to know about computers.
   While working with the computer one afternoon at school,Jonathan found a way to alter his classroom schedule. He was delighted to think of the opportunties that this capability could provide. Jonathan smiled as he came up with a great plan.  He shared his idea with Sanjeev!  "You won't belive what I worked out on the computer, Sanjeev!  I know how to break into the class-schedule program. We can assign ourselves to any class we choose."
    Smiling Sanjeev added,"We can also assign other kidsto different classes.  Now, that capability is even more intriguing!"
     "I like your style!"Jonathan declared as they plotted possible adjustments to their schedule.  "What a field dat this could create!" he bellowed. 
     That evening,Sanjeev shareed the plan with his sister Alfine. She wasn't amused."A prank like that is sure to backfire,"she said. "Do you really want an offense like that on your record?"
    In bed that night,Sanjeev lay awake, tossing and turning
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