rdg941 Mrs. Shortlidge
San Bernardino Community College Reading Instructor
Reading 941, Fall Semester, meets every Wednesday evening from 6 pm to 8:50 pm in Room LA 209.  Our main textbook is the Basic Everyday Spelling Workbook, by H. Elaine Kirn, 3rd Ed., and can be purchased in the SBVC Bookstore for less than $10.00.

Reading 941 is an 18 week course that stresses rules in phonics and spelling.  The workbook provides ample exercise with one syllable words to explain and remember the basic rules of phonics.  We also go over how to enunciate, or pronounce words, as this is also a key component in under-
standing phonics rules.

Because it is a 3 hour class once a week, I have built into the course requirements a computer lab component.  Each week students are given 1 hour of time to work in the SBVC Learnign Center,located on the second floor of the LA Build-
ing.  There are 14 student-friendly computer exercises designed to teach basic key board skills and  progress into
more complex assignments.

I have been teaching at the junior college level since 1989 and possess a Life Teaching credential to teach at the community college level.  I also have a MA degree in Reading Education and a reading certificate. I have over 25 years teaching experience in  three different California school districts and have taught over seas on an 18 month contract.

Teaching is not only a job to me, it is a lifestyle I choose to lead.  I am here to teach students - age and abilities does not interfere with my goals.  I welcome any and all to my classes.
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