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San Bernardino Valley College Professor of Reading
Welcome, Reading 950 Students!

     This Quia home page will help you to learn throughout the semester.  From time to time, I will post games and activities on this page which will help you to practice new words and new skills.  Many of the activities will be in the form of games or practice quizzes to help you prepare for the real quizzes and tests on which you will be graded. You can complete these Quia activities as many times as you wish to make sure that you have learned the material thoroughly.
     If you have your own home computer and a connection to the Internet, you can access this Quia home page for our class at home.  The address for our class is (please copy this down accurately)
It is essential that you enter this address EXACTLY. That means letter for letter, dot for dot, space for space.  Once you have done it right and reached the Quia site, be sure to bookmark it so that you will not have to type in this address again.
     The first activity you can do is play games which will help you to learn the meanings of common prefixes and roots. Prefixes are word parts found at the beginning of English words. Roots are usually found in the middle of words, but not always. A root carries the word's main meaning element. Prefixes and roots mostly come from Latin and Greek, and knowing their meanings really helps you to understand English vocabulary.
     Try the Prefixes game first. You can play it different ways. First, choose Flashcards to learn the prefix meanings. Then try Matching. Finally, try the Concentration game. The game will be different every time you play.

      Have fun while you learn!  Mrs. Purkart
My Quia activities and quizzes
Prefixes Matching Game
Play this game to learn meanings of 30 common prefixes.
Roots Matching Game
Play this game to learn meanings of 30 common roots.
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