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Tips for Taking Control of Reading Comprehension Texts
Try these tips on the National Geographic News Text:  
See the link below for--
Scientists Watch Storms Collide on Jupiter

1.  Copy (Highlight the whole text with your mouse cursor; or use the Edit menu;
Select all--then CTRL (Control) + C

2.  Open a new WORD document and Paste the text:

3.  You can change the Background of the Page
Format Menu; Background.
You can change the font type or size (windows on top part of page or
Format/Font Menu)

4.  Make notes as you edit--use a different font color. (Format/Font menu or look for the "A" on the top or bottom part of your menu.

5.  As you identify new and key words or phrases, use a different font color; or use bold or underline; or use your highlighter tool.  

6. In order to use your on-line dictionaries, you have a few options:

Babylon: place the mouse cursor on the word that you want to look up; the automatic command for Babylon is either SHFT + right mouse click; or CTRL + right mouse click.  The definition for the word will pop up.

Word: Tools Menu; Language; Dictionary.

Try both of these tools, and get comfortable with them.

7. Find! The best tool of all...for Word and the internet and everything,
Find what you are looking for in an article...a question or an answer.
In Word:
Then copy and paste, or type the words you are looking for.

Try out this great tool on the activity below:
Java Quiz: Using Word to Edit Texts (#20135)

You can also use this tool to help you edit what you write.

8.  There are some other tools that may help you...check them out.

Add footnotes to the text for new words, things you want to remember: Insert Menu; Footnotes

Add symbols to the text to help you remember key parts, or words: Insert Menu; Symbols

Write your notes in Hebrew: to change languages--SHFT + ALT

Cut and paste text to another location: CTRL + X = Cut; CTRL + C = Copy; CTRL + V = Paste.  All of these commands are on your Edit Menu.

Start a new page anywhere on your text: Insert Menu; Break
Build a table for Vocabulary: Table Menu; Add Table and follow the directions.
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Using Word to Edit Texts
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