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Hello Students

This is your teacher speaking.  Please read the following message carefully: You are to do the following assignments for the next four days. Each assignment is worth a stamp. The web address is
Important: You can make up missing stamps by doing a one page typed report on a magazine article. Each report will count as one stamp. Remember, to pass the class you need enough stamps.

Monday - Story Time .... You are to create a story using
25 of the words from your vocabulary list. The assignment must be typed and handed in today to Mr.Rounds. The rest of the day you can work on your book report and do the vocabulary quiz #16.  Please use the same format that you used on the first book report.
Vocabulary #16 - Just go to the Quia home page and click on the Quiz Sessions icon, in the Session Name box: type vocabulary quiz #16, enter your name and away you go, remember to hit submit when you are done and that's it. You are expected to pass the quizzes each day. Do your best!

Tuesday - Do the following activities:
  Activity #1 -You can click on it below.
Vocabulary Quiz #17- you will do it on line! Just as you did on Monday, except type vocabulary quiz #17
Spend the rest of the time on doing your book report

Wednesday - Do the following activities:
  Activity #2 -
Do the Daily vocabulary quiz #18. Hand in Book Report to Mr. Rounds, it is due today.  No exceptions!

Thursday - Do the following activities:
    Activity #3 - Hangman
Read an article and type a one page report on the article.
It is due at the end of the period.
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