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English Language Training Institute, UNCC Reading/ Level 4
ELTI Reading Level 4

Spring 2000

Objective: This course is designed to help you improve your reading and communication skills in English through reading a variety of materials that reflect topics of current concern in North American Life.

Textbooks: Counterparts
              Longman Dictionary of American English
              Great American Stories, Book 1
              Timed Reading, Book 1
              News for You (student newspaper)
A class novel TBA

Attendence:  The University requires that a student attend at least 80% of all class days in order to pass the course. If you have more than 5 absences at midterm or 12 absences at the end of the term, you will receive an F.

Evaluation:  Homework 20%
Tests and Quizzes 80%

Weekly Schedule

Jan.  24-28         Unit 1  A Successful Buinesswoman
Jan.  31-Feb.4      Unit 2  Underwater Concepts
Feb.   7-11         Unit 3  Citizenship
Feb.  14-18         Unit 4  About Men
Feb.  21-25         Unit 5  Mothers Who Return Home
Feb.  28-March 3    Unit 6 Elderhostel
March 6-10          **** BREAK ****************
March 13-17         Unit 7 Alone Versus Lonely
March 20-24         Unit 8 It's the Real Thing:Art
March 27-31         Unit 9 Uses for the Zodiac
April 3-7           Unit 10 The Chili Cookoff
April 10-14         Unit 11 Body Language Speaks Louder
April 17-21         Unit 12 Artist of Two Worlds
April 24-28         **** Review ***************
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