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Montgomery County High School Reading 7&8
Welcome to the World of Reading.

Seventh and eighth grade reading is SAT-9 reading preparation class.  Included during class time will be Direct Instruction, vocabulary/comprehension skills and silent/oral reading.  Vocabulary will emphasize prefixes and suffixes along with context clues, synonyms, and multiple meanings.  Comprehension skills will include main idea, details, sequence, cause and effect, inferences.

You will need a folder divided in three (3) sections:  Daily Response, Direct Instruction, and Word of the Day( which will include root/prefix/suffix of the day also).

Reading selections will include textual (science, history) functional (driver's manual), and recreational reading.  Seventh graders will read Maniac Magee and Holes.  Eighth grades will read Greek Mythology and The Giver.  
Seventh and eighth graders will complete a project on each novel read.  Seventh graders will make a scrap book.

Grading:  Tests 40%, Daily Response to Silent Reading 20%, Writing Assignments and Projects 15%, Daily work 20% and Homework 5%.

Cheating will NOT be tolerated during tests.  Students caught cheating will receive a zero (0)on the test.  Talking for any purpose to another student after tests have been distrubted will constitute  cheating, along with showing your paper to another student, or signaling answers.

SHARED ASSIGNMENTS:  Assigments (other than tests, see above) that are copied will receive a shared grade.  (The grade received divided by the number of people who copied.)

NO passes out.  Students have five (5) minutes between classes.  They should use this time wisely.  For students leaving the gym there is a restroom in the gym, and one in each of the other buildings. Students will receive 3 EMERGENCY PASSES.  These are for emergencies only.  After these emergency passes are used there will be no passes out.THEREFORE, USE THESE PASSES VERY CAREFULLY. For each pass not used, five (5) bonus points will be added to a daily grade.
Second block students throw all food away before entering classroom.

1.  Be polite and respectful at all times.
2.  Be parpared for class when the tardy bell rings.
    Have pencils sharpened, notebook paper, workbooks and       all materials at desk when tardy bell rings.  You        will NOT be allowed to get these things after the tardy     bell rings. 
3.  Stay in your personal space.  Do Not         wander around room, touch others, or extend body parts     into another student's space.
4.  *Use make-up at HOME, not in classroom.
5.  Listen and follow instructions when given.  The SAT-9     does not allow directions to be given a second time. 
First Offense:   Verbal Warning
Second Offense:  Written in discipline log, conference, Think Sheet                    
Third Offense:   Contact parents, discipline log and/ break   detention
Fourth Offense:  Counselor referral, discipline log
Fifth Offense:   Office referral

These are the consequences if YOU choose to disregard the rules.

*Make-up is being used in a very broad sense.  The term make-up as used in these rules includes, but is not limited to these items:  base, foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, after shave, powder, lipstick, chap stick, putting on/off jewelry, lotion, and the picking, braiding, brushing, or combing of hair.  Neither perfume nor scented lotion is to be used at any time in the classroom (not even before class begins).

I'm looking forward to this year.  I know we will have a great year with your cooperation.

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