readingrules Mrs. Laycock
Frank Lloyd Wright Middle School Reading Teacher
Hello Students, Welcome to the latest edition of readingrules! As you know, we are collaborating with Ms Newton in Social Studies and Ms Dwyer in Language Arts to help you learn some "basics" about Southeast Asia. 
Your goal in Reading class is to learn and record interesting and meaningful facts about each of the ten countries of SE Asia. We will fill out 10 graphic organizers about the 10 countries.  These will be evaluated in Reading class and then passed on to Ms Newton for class discussion and further clarification.
You will be able to find the facts for each country using the FLW homepage.  The weather forecast and relative location boxes are filled in using the e-conflict encyclopedia.  All other boxes are filled in using altapedia under maps. 
The 10 countries will be researched in the following order:
1. Cambodia
2. Brunei
3. Indonesia
4. Laos
5. Malaysia
6. Myanmar
7. Philippines
8. Singapore
9. Thailand
10. Vietnam
All 10 graphic organizers can be done in class.  The last one will be completed on Monday, November 12.
This work can be done at home if you have an online computer. The FLW homepage address is

Good luck. Mrs. Laycock

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