readingteacher Mrs. Magliozzi
Tucker Elementary School Reading Teacher
Reading News
Hi Parents,

We will be starting formal book reports on December 11th.  There will be 2 per month.  The book reports will focus on the following literary elements; plot, theme, story setting, characterization, language, and tone.
The children will have familiarity with the form and they will be sent home with a sample for reinforcement.
I am promoting oral language skills in the reading class twice a week.  I will be placing emphasis on the ability of the students to listen with understanding and to respond orally in a confident, coherent manner.
The activities are based on the premise that skills in this area require constant practice to build both proficiency and confidence.
As all activities invlove working in pairs or in groups, students are required to operate in a cooperative mannner. This provides the students with a comfortable learning environment to develop their skills.
My belief is that by regularly providing students the opportunity to practice and to develop the skills of listening and speaking will they achieve their full potential in the future.
I found a wonderful book to give my students additional practice to strengthen comprehension through poetry.  The questions about a poem read are designed to encourage children to think about their reading.  The questions focus on the following reading skills; literal comprehension, sequencing, context clues, main idea, drawing conclusions, and inferencing.  The extension activities are related to poetry or the specific poem.  These activities are designed to further students' appreciation and understanding of reading and writing poetry.
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