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Reading Vocabulary for Unit I

President Cleveland

alloted p.4 indifferent p.4 contempt p.5 indignant p. 7 obsessed p. 9 dwindled p. 10 incredulous p. 10 divulge p10 stalemate p. 11 lethargy p. 12


loftiest p. 23 shrewdest p.23 grimaced p. 23 gorging p. 24 audacity . 27

The All American Slurp

lavishly p. 37 mortified p. 37 spectacle p. 37 sultry p. 38.

La Bamba


Field Work

uncanny p. 59 despondent p. 59 lobby p. 59 stamina p. 59 reservations p. 59 shrouded p. 59 sauntered p. 60 salve p. 60 insidious p. 60 cleaved p. 60

The Stone

delved p. 68 gaped p. 68 plight p. 68 obliged p. 69 jubilation p. 70 rue p. 70 mired p. 72 fallow p. 73

The Golden Serpent


Reading Terms for Unit I

1. conflict- is a struggle or clash between opposing characters or forces

2. external conflict- a struggle between a character and some outside force

3. internal conflict- a struggle between opposing desires or emotions inside a person

4. context clues- gaining meaning from using other words in the sentence or other sentences

5. simile- a comparison between two unlike things that uses the word like or as or resembles

6. sensory details- details that appeal to one or more of your senses

7.moral lesson- a lesson about the right and wrong ways to behave

8. onomatopoeia-use of words to represent sound

9. anachronism- chronological misplacement of persons, events, or objects

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